Build wealth from income
generating investments.

Magnolia provides access to institutional quality secured loan investments generating passive income. Our investments are Australian based secured debt loans to commercial borrowers, secured by mortgage over Australian residential, commercial and industrial real estate.

How to Invest

Wholesale Investors may invest with Magnolia on a deal-by-deal selected secured debt investment basis or via a diversified fixed income fund which provides exposure to a portfolio of first mortgage secured real estate debt investments.

Why invest in secured debt loans?

Investing in secured loans provides many advantages:

  • Attractive Returns
  • Stable Income
  • Low Correlation
  • Diversification
  • Real Security
  • Clear Exit Strategy
  • Liquid Assets

Attractive Returns:

In a period of low yields, Australian secured debt investments provide excellent risk adjusted returns.

Stable Income:

Debt investments provide stable and predictable returns to an investor who holds the senior position in the capital stack.

Low Correlation:

Debt investments have a low correlation to global stock markets providing income security in the event of a major downturn.


Debt investments providing stable and predictable income complement investments in other asset classes.

Real Security:

Real estate loans are secured against a real asset. Our conversative lending ratios ensure risk to capital is mitigated through our lending policy.

Clear Exit Strategy:

All investments have pre-defined exit strategies to repay the principal capital to investors.

Liquid Assets:

Bypass capital buffer requirements and access flexible secured debt loans with liquid asset-based lending (LABL).

Exclusive Access to Institutional Grade Investments:

Magnolia has a strong origination network across Australia that enables investors to benefit from proprietary deal flow and institutional grade investments generally funded by Australian banks or investment funds.

Transparent Information:

Receive complete disclosure on the underlying security and borrower. Investors can be comfortable where their capital is being invested by making self selected real estate debt investments.

Strong Legal Framework:

All investments are backed by a real estate asset and structured individually so an investor you have comfort that your capital is protected.

Income Paid Monthly:

Investors can build wealth knowing they will receive monthly dividend payments from all performing loans during the period of their investment.

Why invest with Magnolia Capital?

We are a trusted investment partner with an impressive track record of partnering with wholesale investors looking to earn passive income from secured debt investments.
  • Exclusive Access to Institutional Grade Investments
  • Transparent Information
  • Strong Legal Framework
  • Income Paid Monthly¹

¹ Subject to underlying investments.

Track Record of Success

We are a trusted investment partner with an impressive track record of success.

Who can invest with Magnolia Capital?

Magnolia Capital investments are only available to Wholesale Investors.

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Secure Debt Active Investments

Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Retail Assets across Australia


Capital Losses


Capital Invested

Active Investment Opportunities

Commercial Property
Deal Name MC00015 Annual Return 9.50% Loan Size $4,900,000 LVR 55% Investment Term 8 Months
Commercial Property
Deal Name MC00107 Annual Return 12.00% Loan Size $275,000 LVR 30% Investment Term 12 Months
Commercial Property
Deal Name MC00045 Annual Return 9.95% Loan Size $655,000 LVR 55% Investment Term 36 Months

Invest with Magnolia Capital

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